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Mystic Skater is the thirteenth episode and the season finale of Season 1 of Exchange Student Zero.


Max's shortcut to getting himself a valentine and Denmead's opportunistic nature combine to create mayhem in the form of the Malentwine, an impossibly cute creature that possesses the mind of any girl that touches it. A craze takes off and John and Max look to cash in. However, there is a downside - the end of the world as we know it! Just another day at South Port High.[1]


It is Valentine's Day and it's everywhere, John and Max try avoiding it with them not having a Valentine. Principal Rogerson complains about it and Hiro running from it. Denmead asks Charity to be hers, but she refused for his repetitive past failures unless he gives her what she wants. John and Max laughed, as Denmead noticed them, he dumps them.

Later at the school hall, John admits that both of them should get a Valentine and stares at Lucinda and Hiro is still chased by the girls and he hides behind a tree where John and Max playing Battle Day Zero. He asks John and Max for cause and they explain. Hiro relates Valentines with Malentwines which gives Max an idea. He goes to his locker, John tries to stop him thinking that he's going to summon Happy Peach Flower. Max clears the idea that he's not that crazy and he summons a Malentwine inside his locker. Amonsun gets infatuated and flirts with the Malentwine, the Malentwine resists and knocks Amonsun out.

Max plans to get a Valentine by giving someone a Malentwine, John feeling left out admits that he also wants a Valentine using the Malentwine. Max tickles Malentwine, thus, multiplying into two. Max gives the other Malentwine to John, just to be fair. Denmead suddenly appears and tries to get a Malentwine from them. John refuses, Denmead tries to offer all of his cash, Max gives him a Malentwine and takes his cash. Denmead gives the Malentwine to Charity, becoming crazy-in-love and he hugs Denmead very tight. Max postpones his Valentine search and plans to make profit for a while.

As Hiro arrives at their store, he wonders of the halt of girls chasing him. As he found out he continues his story about the Malentwine and warns them of the dangers. Outside, they attempt to retrieve all the Malentwines but fail brutally. Hiro tries threatening a Malentwine, it reacts to the threat by calling almost all of the Malentwines and merges into a Mega Malentwine. Hiro fights it but gets beaten up miserably, not knowing its weakness.

As they found out, Hiro tries distract it while John and Max make their second attempt and succeeds by shrinking the Mega Malentwine enough for Hiro to defeat. It vanishes without the card leaving them to wonder and Amonsun in grief. John bumps into Lucinda, gets Valentine's card and he escorts her. Max still without a Valentine, finally resorts to summoning Happy Peach Flower but regrets it afterwards. At that same time, the last remaining Malentwine breaks out and is picked up by Ms. Dunwall and wrapping it on a present for Principal Rogerson who would also become madly-in-love but only for moment. When Amonsun spotted the last Malentwine he successfully captures it and thus breaking the bond from Principal Rogerson who almost kissed Ms. Dunwall.

Later at the park, John and Lucinda are having a picnic while Max is being chased by Happy Peach Flower. Amonsun and the last Malentwine on the other hand are making out and Amonsun makes more of it.

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  • This episode's title is a reference to the idiom "dead meat".


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